Admiral Kizaru Theory: Leader of the SSG?

admiral kizaru theory

Yes, you heard it right! The following is my theory on why Admiral Kizaru is the leader of the SSG!

“Chapter 956: Big News”, when it came out, came out with a bang. There is no doubt about that. It was a chapter of epic proportions.

Perhaps the biggest revelation of that chapter was the abolition of the Warlord System and its replacement with the Special Science Group (SSG).

This meant that one of the Three Great Powers (The Yonko, Navy, and the Seven Warlords) of the One-Piece universe was rendered obsolete.

It was a powerful undertaking by the Navy, to say the least.

Now, the Marines, like most armed forces in the real world, operate within a tight hierarchy.

Seeing as how this experiment by the Marines was a serious threat to the balance of world power, don’t you think they have would have someone powerful leading the unit?

This was the point that aroused my curiosity and made me research about who was the most apt in leading the SSG.

The results of this research led me to pick out two contenders for this coveted role.

Admiral Kizaru and Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp.

Here’s Why Garp Isn’t Fit to Lead The SSG

admiral kizaru theory

Not to hate on Garp, but let me just clearly say that he’s too old and seen enough to lead a powerful unit like the SSG.

He was there at God Valley of all things. He’s seen the world going through motions and at his age – that is of retirement – he would personally turn down such an offer.

Yes, being the commander of the SSG would be a perfect appointment for a guy like him. But here’s where it gets tricky.

Garp now operates under Sakazuki. Even with all his accomplishments, there seems to be no way that Akainu would let Garp operate the experimental unit. There’s a serious clash of ego’s at place.

Moreover, Garp has a lot more in common with the pirates than one would imagine at first glance.

He’s free-spirited, doesn’t consider the bureaucratic red-tape, and is an odd-ball among the marines overall. He’s not the type to actually assume leadership and hold onto a such a volatile assignment.

But there is one man who has a knack for following orders.

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Kizaru’s Theory and The Philosophy of Unclear Justice

The Wikia entry on Kizaru is really interesting. It shows a man who is calm, collected, and doesn’t hesitate against any opponent.

The lack of theories on Admiral Kizaru, which, are a dime a dozen, really bothers me since he’s a character with serious potential.

The philosophy of Unclear Justice – carrying orders without question and semblance of morality – is how Admiral Kizaru justifies his Admiralty.

When comparing the philosophies of Akainu and Kizaru, you see a resemblance. While not outright Absolute Justice, his form of justice is based on the type of orders he’s given. He holds no moral high-ground about what is required from him. He does the job he’s asked to do.

His style is whimsical at times, but in the greater scheme of things, he’s an intelligent fighter. Moreover, his position against the Seven Warlords of the Sea is rather interesting. He doesn’t regard them any more than pirates.

His fight against Rayleigh is perfect example of this. Despite being retired, he didn’t regard his crimes as forgiven and considered him the same pirate he was 20 years ago when he sailed with Roger.

Kizaru vs Rayleigh

His dislike for the Warlords and his contempt for pirates makes him the best man to lead the SSG – a unit that will ultimately form the backbone of world powers.

While his leadership skills are indeed a question, Kizaru does have the trappings of a commander.

Personally, with all that we’ve seen from him, this is the only way his character can redeem himself.

When comparing Garp and Kizaru, I also ran into an interesting Marine whose status is unknown for the time being. He’s managed to train Coby (a member of the SSG) and has been shown alongside Garp when he was first introduced.

I think Bogard might have his limelight pretty soon.

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