Boa Hancock Theory: The Runaway Slave

boa hancock theory

Boa Hancock, the pirate empress whom we all love and adore.

For two years, she saw to it that no external harm should come to Monkey D. Luffy. She’s a passionate lover, and when it comes to fighting, there are few female fighters in the One Piece Universe who can live up to her standards.

But at the end of the day, Boa Hancock is still a slave.

Wait, what?

This theory on Boa Hancock revolves around the events that occurred in Chapter 956: Big News and what could happen to Boa once the Marines arrive at Amazon Lily.

Let’s begin with a bit of history, shall we?

Fisher Tiger Frees Boa Hancock

I have no shortage of love for Fisher Tiger and how his heroics saved many from years of servitude under the celestial dragons. fisher tiger sun pirates

But all his efforts fall short when you consider that Fisher Tiger was an adventurer/pirate and the Hancock sisters were runaway slaves.

Now, the Holy Land of Mariejois runs in a different wavelength than the rest of the One Piece world. They’re superior, and their laws are also superior.

To their mind, and in turn, the mind of the World Government, the slaves that were freed by Fisher Tiger are still their property.

It’s speculation from my end, I know. However, the immunity that the Celestial Dragons have, and their attitudes throughout the series, you can expect them to feel that way about former slaves.

The feeling of power over a strong person is what drives these “people”, if you want to call them that. They love to “own” shiny and unique things.

Don’t believe me? Look at what they did to Bartholomew Kuma.

Now take the case of Camie. She was rescued by Luffy at a hair’s breadth.

boa hancock theory

Being a former slave, what do you think will happen to Boa Hancock?

But why would that happen?

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The Abolition of the Warlord System and Boa Hancock’s Eventual Fate

The abolition of the Warlord System has made the territories of these formerly immune pirates the best hunting grounds for the Marines to test the potential of the Special Science Group (SSG).

After the events of Chapter 952, Boa Hancock, among other Shichibukai, are now being targeted by the Marines.

It’s important to clarify that the SSG is different from the Sword Unit, the one which Coby and Drake are a part of. The SSG is the governing body, like the Cipher Pol, whose one unit is title “Sword”.

I’ve made this differentiation for a reason.

You see, while one would argue that the “Marines would get wrecked by the Shichibukai powers in combat”, the reality is very much different.

The Marines don’t play around. They are aware of the fact that the Warlords are highly influential and would stop at nothing to wipe out the any enemy that comes close to capturing them.

Marine admirals

This case is tenfold for Warlords like Boa Hancock and everyone’s favorite vampire, Dracule Mihawk.

Considering all of this, I’ve made up my mind that for Boa Hancock, who is a Devil Fruit user, they’ve got some sort of weakening mechanism in place.

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The Ultimate Shichibukai Destroying Machine

During the reverie arc, we saw a brief conversation between Admirals Ryokogyu and Fujitora.

While it finally showed the long-awaited new Admiral, there was something else about that panel that caught my fancy.

Before the Reverie, Issho had been with Dr. Vegapunk. Though he didn’t see it or them in action, we saw him talking to Ryokogyu that the Shichibukai destroyer was ready. In the next few chapters, we heard the news that they were going after the warlords.

warlords will be abolished

My theory is that in the future, Boa Hancock would be captured by the weapon created by the SSG.

As with all pirates when captured, she will be sent to Impel Down and from there her past will come back to haunt her. She will be sold back into slavery  because again; she was a runaway slave who became a pirate.


What happens afterwards is another matter altogether. Luffy’s response to Boa’s enslavement will be one to look out for.

For now, we don’t know how powerful that weapon could prove to be against the likes of Shichibukai like Dracule Mihawk. While Boa is a monster in her own right, there is no mistaking the monstrous majesty of Mihawk when he unsheathes his sword.

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