Franky Appreciation! Moments When the Shipwright Shined

If there is one thing every One-Piece fan can agree upon, it’s their love for Franky.

Starting out as an enemy, the Shipwright of the crew has come a long way! Chapter 989 was proof of that fact. I mean seriously, One Piece can’t get any better than this!


In Chapter 989, Franky showed he had both figurative and literal stones of steel when he decided to take on Big Mom. Not only did he hit her point blank with his bike, when Nami warned him that she’s a Yonkou, he didn’t back down.

Instead, he aimed his tank-like arms at the Yonko and prepared to blow her away with his Radical beam. He didn’t flinch or had second thoughts cause, like Jinbe, he cannot be intimidated by the mere sight of a Yonko even when he himself is a member of the crew of the future pirate king.

To be fair, this isn’t the first time Franky has had this epic of a moment. Compared to Brooke, who has only managed to deliver an epic speech to Big Mom at Whole Cake Island, Franky has had several moments where he’s been, unexpectedly, a total wrecking ball.

Besides the one that happened in Chapter 989, let me remind you of two of the most epic Franky moments.

Punk Hazard: Franky Absolutely Annihilates Baby 5 and Buffalo

The Donquixote Pirates, when they were first introduced, had a dangerous aura surrounding them. Why wouldn’t they be dangerous? Doflamingo was a serious madman during Marineford. You can’t expect no less from his crew.

Regardless of whether you watched the anime or read the manga, there is no comparing the absolute uncertainty of events when they were unfolding in Dressrosa. I mean you had a very elite sub-unit of Kaido’s henchmen being introduced.

A lot of that uncertainty was because it was the first time the SHP were to fight on the surface.

As we all know, Fishman Island is basically the post-timeskip version of the Skypiea arc so it doesn’t count. I remember recalling the traumatic events at Sabaody and Marineford, regardless of the current power-ups.

Franky vs Baby 5

Anyways, events unfolded. We got to see a lot of action. But then came the arrival of Baby 5 with Buffalo on Punk Hazard.

Who were they going to go up against? Cyborg Franky? I remember thinking, he’s just a Shipwright! A good one, but still!

Besides the fight against Fukuro at Ennies Lobby, we didn’t see much of Franky’s battle prowess.

I guess everyone was proven wrong afterwards. Franky, clad in his new Pacifista-modeled General Franky stood against all expectations.

Besides the comic relief, Franky really gave both Baby 5 and Buffalo a really hard time.

Attack after attack, I remember thinking, Franky’s going to go-down. But he did not! He kept reflecting the attacks from Doflamingo’s crew and kept pounding at them one by one.

There was no stopping Franky from there on in. Seriously, the guy kept fighting until they both gave up going against an overpowered cyborg.

Dressrosa: Franky, Senor Pink, and The Most Hardboiled of Fights.

This arc is by far the best arc in the entire series. It’s like Alabasta, but on steroids. From Zoro vs. Pica to Gladius vs. Bartolomeo or Sai vs. Lao G, there is no shortage of epic moments in that arc.

franky vs senor

Among those epic moments, there is the most-hard boiled fight of all: Franky vs Senor Pink. On the surface, it looks a bit childish given the character design of Senor Pink.

But there is no denying the emotional impact that fight left us. Senor’s tragic past, and his hard-boiled present gave us a man who, even being the enemy in the fight, forced us to love him as a character.

On the protagonist side, you had Franky with no armor going up against such a hard-boiled man. The fight was average but the ending! God, I get shivers every time.

Knowing he’s lost the fight, he stood there standing proud and taking everything Franky the maximum amount of beating Franky could give him during the time.

Once Senor Pink fell, it was Franky’s turn to shine. After giving him a serious beating, he limped towards him. Seeing him cry made him respect the man for all his past.

Just before the “Victor: Franky” animation popped up, he cleared Senor’s tears, and promised him that one day they’ll have a beer together and talk about a girl named Russian (Senor’s deceased wife).


I mean you cannot get any better than that!

Cutty Flam aka Cyborg Franky has been a vital part of the Straw Hat Pirates whether it be his role as a Shipwright or during a fight.

While recruiting him took some “persuasion”, he’s nonetheless been the most consistent fighter during the entire post-timeskip storyline.

All we can say is that Oda has written him to perfection. He’s funny, foresighted, and powerful all at the same time.

His epic arrival at Wano is followed by the final image of the Chapter 989, where we see him armed and ready with the rest of the Straw Hat crew. Only difference is that this time, instead of his bike we see him using General Franky.

To be honest, I was really betting on Big Mom getting more damage through Franky’s Radical Beam. That was not the case, though, since now I’m aiming for Franky to take the fight to the Numbers.

Let’s hope we get some more epic moments in the coming chapters!


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