Marco The Phoenix Rises from The Ashes – The Game Changer at Wano

Marco’s importance in the OP storyline cannot be overlooked.

He was the commander of the first division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. The right-hand man of Whitebeard, and a powerhouse that can take on an Admiral and live to tell the tale.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

After the events at Marineford, he became the leader of a war-torn Whitebeard Pirates. The Payback War against Blackbeard saw the end of the Whitebeard Pirates under his leadership.

Many assumed that’s where the story ended for Marco. His post-timeskip persona, when compared to his personality at Marineford made many believe that Marco mellowed out.

War got the best of him.

The release of One-Piece chapter 981 proved everyone wrong.

Marco unexpectedly rose from the ashes and took all of us, even those who knew he would return, by surprise.

Seeing as how he’s back, I decided to take a jab at what his role in the Battle for Wano would look like.

So, let’s discuss two possible theories on Marco the Phoenix’s return.

The Possible Return of the Whitebeard Pirates

Yes, I am fully aware that the crew was disbanded. That said, the Wano-Whitebeard Pirates connection runs deep.

First of all is this the beautiful story of Kozuki Oden; how he met Whitebeard, and how the first half of his journey was made wonderful because of Edward Newgate and his crew.whitebeard pirates at wano

Second is the introduction of Izo and Nekomumashi at the same time Marco arrived at Wano.

Marco was a commander for a reason. At Wano, he knows the enemy is as overpowered as Edward Newgate himself.

Seeing as how Izo, Nekomumashi, and Marco have already begun their counterattack at Wano, it’s no surprise that in the coming chapters, we get to see the likes of Diamond Jozu, Vista, and Blamenco aiding Luffy in the Raid of Onigashima.

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King vs Marco: The Perfect Battle

Marco is a character that’s brought back for a reason.

He’s there to take care of the bigger fish. And when it comes to bigger fish, no one can match the physical similarities of Marco and King’s Devil Fruits.

Here’s why Marco is the perfect match. As of this writing, the majority of Devil Fruits have mostly been land-based.

Seeing as how its highly unlikely that Luffy, Kidd, or Law will be facing off against the likes of King, there is ample opportunity for Marco to fight, and possibly survive in an air-battle against King.

Additionally, there is also the similarities between the roles they played for their leaders. Marco was the first division commander. In terms of personality, and decision making under pressure, King seems to be the most adept. He stood tall against the ever-threatening Big Mom, even going so far as to reject the offer to join her crew.big mom vs king

Queen, on the other hand is seemingly playing second-fiddle among the All-Stars of the Beast Pirates.

To put things in perspective, King is going to go up against Marco, while the Luffy-Law-Kidd alliance is going to go up against the all-powerful Kaido.

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