What is Monkey D. Dragon Waiting For? The Revolutionary Army’s War

Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is one of the most influential characters in the One Piece storyline.

He’s right up there with the likes of Shanks, Mihawk, and others. He’s one of those guys that were in the very beginning but their influence showed up very much later.

We have seen glimpses of Shanks and Mihawk being powerful characters, but Monkey D. Dragon is someone whom we have not seen much of.

Ever since the Reverie arc, Dragon has made some serious movies.

Now granted that there are plenty of theories on Monkey D. Dragon detailing his powers, ambition, and goals.

But in this theory on Monkey D. Dragon, I plan to take a different route.

I’m going to take the current situation that’s happening during the Reverie arc.

From that, I will try to piece up a motif as to why Dragon went all guns blazing at the Reverie, which is very different from his usual strategy of hit and run

Was it all to save Kuma? That’s likely not the case since there are other factors that I will analyze in this theory/analysis post.

Okay, so let’s begin this post with some introduction to the dragon.

The Philosophy of Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon

Similar to Roger and Shanks, Dragon is a firm believer in fate, destiny, and freedom.

These philosophical principles dictate their entire mode of operations.

While Shanks and Roger were crewmates, Dragon is a totally different person since he believes in these things without him connecting to both of them.

Now, I can keep yapping about Dragon but this quote pretty much sums it up:

 “Inherited will, the swelling of the changing times, and the dreams of people. These are things that cannot be stopped. As long as people seek the answer to freedom, these will never cease to be!”

The pirates in the One Piece Universe are in direct confrontation with the Marines, their main goal is to find the One Piece, the most sought after treasure.

The Marines and their respective branches are built to keep the order of the world secure with the World Nobles at the very top.

With the Yonkos, The Marines, and the SSG (formerly Shichibukai), the world order is maintained in a harmonious manner.

But Dragon is an agent of chaos.

He wants to destroy the whole fabric of the modern order as it is.

Just after the Great Pirate Age began, something caused Monkey D. Dragon to become the revolutionary that he is today.

There are plenty of theories on what might have caused Dragon to become a revolutionary but all of that is part of a different story.

  • Monkey D. Dragon is a firm believer in such things.
  • He is in charge of the revolutionary army.
  • The revolutionary army is now dealing with only guerilla warfare which is a form of warfare that’s essentially a hit and run strategy. 

Monkey D. Dragon Has Been Waiting Patiently

Monkey D. Dragon

Even though they’re outlaws and criminals, the Revolutionary Army’s actions have been relatively mild at best.

With Guerilla and Proxy warfare as their main tools, they’ve caused the World Government to acknowledge them.

However, Monkey D. Dragon’s plans are more than that.

In the two-year time skip, we saw the liberation at Tequila Wolf.

The bridge was being built on the order of the World Nobles and has caused the sacrifice of many slaves.

This was a major blow to the World Government which caused them to abandon the project altogether for now.

Before Tequila Wolf, there was another event that caused Noble’s pain, but not that much. The burning of the Grey Terminal.

Now that was all a general background to Monkey D. Dragon’s actions in the past. It was a series of attacks that had little influence on how the world worked.

There is a conclusion to this section which is:

Until the Revolutionary Army’s raid at Mariejois during the Reverie, they hadn’t done anything like declaring an all-out war.

Why Did Monkey D. Dragon Attack Mariejois?

Dragon and Sabo

With the Reverie in full swing, Dragon planted a major attack on the World Nobles.

What makes this attack different is that it wasn’t done in proxy or guerilla mode. It was done right in Noble’s backyard.

Dragon sent everyone. From his Chief of Staff, Sabo to the Four Commanders.

Why now, of all times?

The answer lies in the tumult of the world created by his son, Monkey D. Luffy.

Remember the speech Trafalgar D. Law made to Doflamingo?

In simple terms, Law was right about the status quo of the world. Nobody made a move during the two years of absence.

This changed when Luffy invaded Dressrosa and started toppling the dominoes of world powers.

By taking down Doflamingo and causing a ruckus in Whole Cake Island, Luffy turned things upside down.

On another theory, I’ve discussed how it’s possible that Shanks met the Gorosei for the events Luffy has created in the world.

In the paragraphs above, I discussed that Shanks and Dragon are pretty much the same in their outlook of the world.

Destiny, the flow of time, and what not are their major philosophical principles.

Seeing this as a time when the World Government is battling threats at every corner of the world, Dragon made the push.

Now, I could be wrong and it could have been just an attack to get back Bartholomew Kuma back. After all, he is the original Revolutionary of the organization.

If Whitebeard can go so far for a son, so can Dragon for an old friend and comrade.

Has Dragon’s Plan Failed?

Monkey D. Dragon

For now, it seems that the attack at Mariejois has rendered Sabo in an “unfortunate” situation.

There are plenty of theories on what might have happened to Sabo.

But we’re not here for that.

What we are actually here for is whether Monkey D. Dragon made a mistake?

I don’t think so.

Now, we don’t know much about Dragon’s planning ability, but seeing as how he’s running a huge revolutionary movement, we can assume that it’s good.

It wasn’t a hit-and-run plan either, since he sent the RA’s top brass out to Mariejois.

Now, granted that he knew the Reverie would be heavily-guarded, which it was, but still, you can give Dragon and his men the benefit of the doubt that they’ll put up a fight. 

So, what might have caused Sabo to get caught in an unavoidable situation and the plan to seemingly fail?

Shanks’ Might Be the Culprit


This whole website is slowly becoming a Shanks bashing group. 

Remember back in Marineford when Shanks came in and stopped the world from collapsing? 

Yes, he saved the Whitebeard Pirates from Kaido, but why was he so keen on keeping the status quo? 

You might think that he was waiting for the right time, which is true. 

It’s my theory that Shanks might have arrived at Reverie, met Sabo, and took him and the RA commanders down just so the World Nobles could have some time to stay afloat. 

Now, this is quite outlandish, but what is more outlandish is Shanks showing up at the top of the power circles in the One Piece world.

Surely, you can’t be that influential, right?

This is, in my opinion, the first of the few events that will shake up the One Piece world.