Top 5 Monkey D. Luffy Conquerors Haki Moments

Conquerors haki clash moments in One Piece

Conquerors Haki is considered one of the most powerful forms of Haki among the three and for the right reasons.

From Gol D. Roger to Whitebeard, Doflamingo, and Luffy himself, we’ve seen it manifest in only the top-tier fighters in the One Piece universe.

Because of its rarity, seeing it manifest in fights is a treat to watch.

The only problem I have with Conquerors Haki is the fact that it doesn’t go so far in combat as compared to Armament Haki and Observation Haki.

But overall, it’s fun to watch these clashes. In this post, we’ll be talking about Monkey D. Luffy and his best conquerors Haki moments.

So, let’s begin!

#1 The Haki of Desperation at Marineford

Luffy Conquerors Haki moment at Marineford Conquerors haki clash

Marineford tops the list for a reason. It showed Luffy using Conquerors Haki in a moment when the whole world was watching.

It was a revelation!

The War of the Best: Admirals, Yonko, Revolutionaries, and Prisoners – it was a power-show the likes of which hooked us from the beginning to the very end.

Before this point, Luffy was considered a weakling by many. While brave and bold, the Straw Hat captain was considered a mere fly in the soup.

After this moment and his consequent actions at Marineford, he was forced to be reckoned with. The most satisfying reaction we saw was from Aokiji.

Hey, Seriously! Is that for real?

For Mihawk to Aokiji, and everyone else, this was the moment when most of the top-tier fighters recognized Monkey D. Luffy’s true potential.

#2 Fishman Island and 50,000 Fishmen

Luffy vs 50,000 fishmen at Fishman island arc Conquerors haki clash

While it wasn’t that great of a story arc, Fishman Island had its moments.

From Shyarly’s prediction, to Jinbe donating Luffy with his blood, there were plenty of powerful moments in that arc.

One of the best moments in that arc was Luffy going up against Hordy’s crew of 100,000 men.

The Straw Hats were pinned down. They had to face thousands of rogue fishermen who wanted them by the throat. It wasn’t a scary moment for the SHP, they came in prepared.

Sanji and Zoro were ready to divide the enemies between themselves but all of a sudden Luffy walked from behind them and made everyone stop.

He took centre stage, used his conquerors Haki to weed out a whopping 50,000 rogue fishermen.

In the blink of an eye, Luffy had single-handedly defeated a half of Hordy Jones’ fishermen who were ready to kill the Straw Hat Pirates.

But you know what was more interesting? The reactions of everyone around Luffy.

From the Straw Hats to Jinbe (who wasn’t a part of the SHP at that moment), to Neptune, Shirahoshi, and the others.

All of them, including the viewers and readers, were shocked at what had happened. It was a proud moment for Luffy and showed the results of his training to the fullest possible extent.

I especially loved the look on Roronoa Zoro’s face when it happened. It really showed how proud he was to have Luffy as his Captain.

#3 The Clash of Generations – Luffy vs Chinjao

Luffy vs Chinjao haki clash dressrosa Conquerors haki clash

Dressrosa was the best arc in One Piece to date. It was a saga whose results we see to the current chapters and episodes.

I say it was the best arc for a number of reasons. The most important of which is because of the Haki Clash between Don Chinjao and Luffy.

Chinjao’s Hatred towards Monkey D. Garp and his grandson really fired up the whole scene.

While Luffy was reluctant to take on a greasy old man, he eventually had to fight him.

Then the Conquerors Haki clash happened! Luffy and Chijao did a bro-fist that knocked out nearly everyone present in the Corrida Colosseum.

Those who were left to see the aftermath of the clash were in awe of the two fighters. It was a David and Goliath moment where there was no David, only two Goliaths with different statures.

It’s interesting to see that Luffy “Thor” fist attack is somewhat related to Luffy facing the horror of Garp’s fist back when he was a child.

#4 Luffy vs Doflamingo

Luffy vs doflamingo at dressrosa Conquerors haki clash

Dressrosa is a class apart for all the right reasons.

If the Don Chinjao clash was epic, we were treated to another clash of the titans some episodes later.

It was the final stage of the Dressrosa arc, and Luffy and Law were busy fighting Doflamingo.

During this point in the arc, it’s obvious that people take Luffy a bit too easy-going, and fans always get shocked when Luffy shows his true potential and abilities.

Luffy took on Doflamingo in an epic conquerors Haki clash that threw off both Law and Trebol. It was a moment where Luffy proved how powerful he was overall.

#5 The Decisive Fight against Katakuri

Luffy vs Katakuri at Wholecake island Conquerors haki clash

The most destructive battle of an arc was mid-tier compared to Dressrosa.

It was so unexpected to see such destructive power of Conquerors Haki.

As their Haki clashed, Luffy and Katakuri put the whole mirror world in chaos.

We also get to see how much more there is to Conquerors Haki other than just knocking out weak-minded people. The physical destruction of objects is also the cause of Conquerors Haki.

The clash is one of the most epic clashes of Conquerors Haki.

The brute power both of these monsters possess is unexplainable. It’s also safe to say that this scene was animated so amazing as well.

The flow of shock waves, sound, and colours. it was so satisfying and aesthetically pleasing to watch.

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