What if Luffy Developed Haki Earlier?

Monkey D.Luffy has been one of the most influential characters in Shonen anime.

He’s funny, dumb, smart, and insanely powerful. He’s a Shonen powerhouse in all its glory.

At this current power-level, Luffy is now a major force to be reckoned with, without a doubt.

But what if Luffy had managed to develop Haki earlier in the series?

It’s a question that piqued my interest, so I went to work!

A note on Conquerors Haki:

Conquerors Haki (CH), while rare and all-powerful, hasn’t proveN as practical as it should have. So far, we’ve seen it used in one-on-one battles manifesting itself as a spark of lightning showcasing a person’s will to fight.

In comparison, Observation Haki (OH) and Armament Haki (AH) have proven themselves a lot more practical.

They’re used by almost all the New World fighters and are not restricted to a few kings. It’s due to this fact that we’ll be using all three Haki powers in the coming discussions.

Luffy’s Haki vs East Blue Fighters  

Let’s see how Luffy goes up against fighters from East Blue with all his Haki forms.

Captain Kuro

Captain kuro One Piece

Kuro’s Cat Claws (Shakushi) would have been relatively easy to counter with Luffy’s Armament Haki.

On top of that, Luffy would have no trouble against Kuro’s speed.

His speed was the one that gave Luffy a tough time in the first place but now, he could easily counter it with his Observation Haki.

Don Krieg

Don Krieg One Piece

Don Krieg was already a weak competitor against Luffy, even though he did bloody him a little. However, Luffy used his bare hands to break Don’s armor.

With Armament Haki at his disposal, Luffy would easily be able to tear down Don’s armor. On top of that, there will be less blood lost in the process.


Arlong One Piece

A similar case can be applied for Arlong.

His teeth were a point of pride for him. In the actual storyline, his teeth gave Luffy a really hard-time.

With Armament Haki, Luffy would be able to counter Arlong’s teeth effectively and reduce the amount of blood lost.


Smoker in One Piece loguetown arc.

The final fight of East Blue, Smoker was a treat to watch. He had a powerful Logia devil fruit with a Seastone Jitte to boot.

Luffy’s Armament Haki would easily up-end any attempt by Smoker to attack him. While the Jitte might be a problem to deal with, in the end, Luffy’s luck would help a lot in the fight.

The Loguetown Execution

The execution wasn’t a fight per se, but it was an opportunity for Luffy to manifest his Conqueror’s Haki in the most magnificent of manners.

Imagine the scene: he’s ready to be executed on the gallows that took the life of the great pirate Gol D. Roger. All of a sudden, Luffy gets angry and takes down the whole crowd of spectators with his Conquerors Haki.

While the stakes would not be so high, it would be the perfect opportunity for Luffy to showcase his newfound powers.

Luffy’s Haki vs The Grand Line Fighters

Let’s see how Luffy’s Haki goes up against major league fighters in the first half of the grand line.


Crocodile in One Piece

Croco-boy, like Smoker, would be less of a hassle to deal with since Luffy now has Armament Haki to take care of Crocodile.

The only bummer with the whole fight would be that Luffy would not transform into Water Luffy.


Enel One Piece

Eminem…oh wait! Enel was a tough customer to deal with when we first met him. With AH at his disposal, Enel would be less of a problem to deal with since he can counter his electric Logia with his Haki.

In the fight, Luffy already had a natural upper hand against Enel because of his Gomu Gomu no Mi. Overall, I feel that the fight would be over before it began.

Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci One Piece

This fight lived up to the hype created by fans. Because Luffy expanded his skillset to have Gear 2nd, I want to explore this fight in depth. Let’s start with a question.

What if Luffy used Gear 2nd combined with OH and AH?

First and foremost, I would just like to say that Rob Lucci is no pushover. The CP9 leader was the most dogged fighter Luffy had to face since Katakuri or Doflamingo.

Seeing as how Luffy is the main character, let’s give him some leeway and let him win. Here’s how he can counter Lucci’s Rokushiki variants.

Luffy Observation Haki would easily be able to put up a fight against Lucci’s Geppo, Tekkai, and Soru attacks.

In close combat, if Lucci were to use Shigan, it would land some damage to Luffy but his Observation and Armament Haki would be able to counter it easily.

Lucci’s rare Rokuogan would not damage Luffy so much as it did in the original fight.

Among all the fights we’ve seen in this post, the Rob Lucci fight is the most interesting since even with all the Haki in the world, Luffy would have a hard time going against the powerhouse that is Lucci.       

Zombie Oars 

Zombie Oars in One Piece

The fight against Oars was insanely satisfying, especially when Luffy becomes Nightmare Luffy. But what if Nightmare Luffy had Observation, Conquerors, and Armament Haki?

In such a scenario, the fight against Oars would be a done-deal. However, we wouldn’t see Franky Shogun’s first design, which would be a serious bummer from the get-go.

Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria

Luffy vs Moriah was the worst fight I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it was the character design, or the fight in general, but when it was finished, I was glad it ended.

If Luffy had Gear 2 and 3 on top of Armament, Observation, and Conquerors, then the fight against Moriah would have been a done deal.

Note: I missed several good fighters in this post. Kizaru and Aokiji are both amazing fighters, but even if Luffy was to strengthen himself to a monstrous point, both of these Admirals are monstrous against Luffy.

Out of respect for their abilities, I excluded them from the blog post.

Why did I write this?

Firstly, to give you a sense of how useless CH has been throughout the storyline, making only a brief hypothetical appearance in my entire monologue. Let’s hope we see its true potential with the whole DF awakening thing.

Secondly, to give you a feel of how tasteless all of those battles would have been if he had that massive power-up. Lastly, I’m glad all of that came at the right time, and at the right place.

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