[OP-985] Absolute Madness and Powerful Revelations

One Piece 985

Warning: One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers Ahead

Oda once again proved why he is one of the best story tellers in the manga-sphere.

Chapter 985 came out with a bang.

While many theorists’ theories were right on the money, some were disappointed and shocked.

Either way, the chapter answered many questions and, in typical Oda fashion, left too many to be answered/theorized for the future.

We’ve got a lot to unpack here, and hopefully, this review on One Piece 985 would provide you with information that you might have missed out on.

The Violence Behind Main Onigashima

Perhaps the most interesting battle that happened was behind the main event happening at Onigashima Castle. Kanjuro vs Kikunojo

While the parties involved in the battle were plenty; including even former Whitebeard Commander Izo and the other red-scabbards, they failed to stand out.

It wasn’t their time to shine. Pretty soon, we will see them in action. Even with their absence, there was one Scabbard who stood above them all. We’ll reveal her later.

For his part, Kanjuro embodied his new role as the unmasked traitor to perfection. Standing before our protagonists with a smug and devilish aura around him, he was accompanied by several members of the Beasts Pirates.

In typical OP villain fashion, Kanjuro gave them the gist of what was going to happen to them, to the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, Momonosuke, and in turn, the Kozuki family bloodline.Kanjuro Telling Alliance

But Kikunojo was going to have none of that.

Clad in traditional Samurai armor, she took center stage, told Kanjuro to “shut up”, and resolved to exact revenge from the Kanjuro for all his crimes.Kikunojo Samurai Armor

In my opinion, this was the most beautiful panel of the entire manga. I was hyped up to see Kanjuro get what he deserves for all the right reasons.

With the combatants ready, the stage set, it was time for the volcano behind Onigashima to erupt. The battle began.

One very nice thing that came from this battle was the mild-power upgrades we saw with Inurashi and Nekomumashi.Nekomumashi and Inurashi Upgrades

Inu with a prosthetic sword for a leg, and Neko with a double-barreled gun for an arm.

A few pages later, we witness the most heartbreaking of panels. Kiku, with a bloodied sword, stands in the snow.

Still clad in Samurai armor, we see her crying. This is clear indication that Kikunojo, on behalf of the entire Red Scabbards, has exacted a satisfying revenge against the traitor Kanjuro.Kikunojo Crying in Samurai Armor

The significance of this panel is immense.

The tears Kikunojo sheds are for all the good times they had together with Kanjuro; how he fought alongside the Scabbards through every thick and thin imaginable, how he was witness to Oden being boiled alive, and how he vowed to uphold Oden’s last wish, which was to open the borders of Wano.

With such a camaraderie being essentially turned to dust by his betrayal, her tears planted the final nail in the coffin of Kurozumi Kanjuro, the biggest traitor of them all.

But that chapter wasn’t over. The reason this chapter stood was not because of what was happening behind Onigashima.

The Yamato Equation

Yamato is one character that’s been on the minds of One Piece fans all over.Yamato asking luffy to join

His situation is indeed precarious. Would he join the Straw Hats, betray them at the last moment, or fight alongside them and maybe even join them?

These are all questions that have no answers as of yet. But no one is stopping us from theorizing her role in the future. Either way, her role is bound to have significant impact on the future of the One Piece storyline.

While Kiku and the rest were fighting it out, and Luffy was busy freeing up Yamato from her shackles, Onigashima Castle was witnessing a change which could alter the future of the current storyline.

The Onigashima Project

If the chapter wasn’t exciting enough, Kaido made it even more interesting with his speech.

According to Kaido, it was “about time the world order changed” and I agree wholeheartedly to his declaration.Kaido New Onigashima

Going on to say that since the Warlord System is now abolished, he talked about his newfound confidence in the Big Mom Pirates and how together, they will find One Piece by going after the Ancient Weapons.

Yes, you heard it right! Ancient Weapons. Things are indeed heating up in the world of OP.

Before the Wano Arc started to gain steam, we saw the reverie arc.

Among other events, we also saw Red Haired Shanks visiting the Gorosei in essentially an “Incognito Mode” wanting to talk about a “certain pirate”.

At the time, it seemed like a big deal but what about now? To illustrate, this is what Big Mom and Kaido declared together.Kaido kills Orochi

As of this point, the entire world is ready to crumble and I feel that Shanks’ worries have quadrupled. A precursor to the “Final War”, Oda lived up to his promise by making Marineford look like child’s play even before the final war.

To achieve their goals, Big Mom and Kaido plan to use Wano as a base of operations in their war against the Marines, as well as to further their goals.

From the standpoint of actual warfare, they are pretty well-prepared since landing at Wano Country is a feat in and of itself.

But creating a pirate country goes hand-in-hand by eliminating the essence of Wano’s original leadership. Orochi, in anger and confusion, complained to Kaido about the Flower Capital, and in extension, Wano, being his territory.

Kaido, in the most piratical of fashion, decides to cut Orochi by slicing his neck. Violence like this is seldom seen in One Piece.Kaido kills Orochi

With Orochi’s now supposed death, the Flower Capital is now under control of Kaido, who commands Orochi’s men to join him as pirates or perish.

All of this begins a new chapter in the One Piece storyline. A story in which the Kaido/Big Mom alliance has taken over Wano and renamed it as “New Onigashima”.

In all of these surprises came the biggest surprise of all. The leader of the “New Onigashima”, the so-called Shogun, would be Yamato.

The Final Panel and The Absolute Madness of Wano

In the last panel, we see a frenzy which is a clear indication of what’s to come.Yamato Angry

Yamato is enraged and free from the imposed shackles, Luffy is looking for Momo, and Kikunojo’s team is about to raid the castle from behind.

Orochi is presumably dead. Kaido and Big Mom are ready to make their dreams come true.

On Kaido’s six, there is an army of Samurai and Pirates ready to wreak havoc the moment Momonosuke is successfully rescued.

In a distant location, X-Drake is actively engaged in collaboration with the SSG, the elite Marine unit assigned to replace the Warlord System.

Where would things go from here? Because of Oda’s unpredictable attitude, you never know what’s going to happen next.

For now, we can only wait.

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