One Piece Chapter 1001 – The Worst Generations’ Dogged Defense

One piece chapter 1001 cover image

Oda-sensei really went all in with One Piece Chapter 1001. 

I always ask myself whether the protagonists have gotten stronger, or their enemies have grown weaker. 

This chapter showed that the enemies have grown weaker. By that, I don’t mean that they’ve grown weaker per se, it’s just that they’re not so much a threat anymore. 

One Piece Chapter 1001 showed us how, with the right teamwork and training, the Worst Generation fought against not one but two Yonko’s without losing their combative edge. 

Kaido’s Pride Gets Shattered Slowly 

This image is enough to give you an idea of what I’m talking about: 

One piece chapter 1001 kaido vs luffy

When he was first introduced to what he is now – there is a remarkable change in the way we see Kaido. Before he was “Hundred Beasts Kaido”, now he’s just Kaido, a Yonko that will sooner or later be defeated by the likes of Monkey D. Luffy and the gang. 

Only time will tell whether that defeat would be the stereotypical Shonen death or something of greater significance. 

While he is still prideful, Kaido is slowly but surely admiring Luffy for his abilities as a fighter. For now, defeating Kaido is still a monumental undertaking since Kaido’s Thunder Bagua was enough to put Luffy in a state of confusion. 

 luffy dodges kaidos attack

“Foxfire” Roronoa and Big Mom 

To me this was the best moment in the entire chapter. 

I’ll be honest, I always hated Big Mom regardless of any pity for her backstory or what not. 

That dislike for Linlin increased tenfold the moment I saw her taking a cheapshot at Luffy when he dodged Kaido’s attack. 

Even though all things fair in the war at Wano, it was a cheapshot nonetheless. 

But here’s when Roronoa Zoro came to the rescue. Wielding the Enma, Zoro sliced Prometheus with Kinemon’s iconic move, Fire Flame Slicer. It’s now his!

One piece chapter 1001 zoro vs big mom

He’s going above and beyond with Enma. He is showing his true worth as a member of the Worst Generation. 

zoro cuts prometheus

Hyped up on Adrenaline, Zoro proceeded to take on Kaido as well. While his attack did ruffle Kaido, it was but a scratch against the cement-hardened body of Kaido. 

As he himself stated and we agreed, Zoro still needs more training with Enma. If it could place Kaido in a state of confusion for a split-second, I can only imagine his skills when he finally masters the Legendary Black Blade. 

One piece chapter 1001 zoro vs kaido

Luffy, Kidd, and Law – The Little Monsters

It’s really apt that Kaido told these three that these “Brats are like little monsters”. Everytime, these three have taken center stage, chaos has ensued. 

This time, these three were up against monsters of epic proportions. 

Even then, these three weren’t afraid of Kaido or Big Mom and their nonchalance when faced against an overpowered enemy is the reason why we love and adore them. A comical turn of events saw these three dodging Big Mom’s heavenly fireballs which was funny for such a heated moment. 

luffy kid law

But things got serious real soon when all three of them showed their best finishers in the face of a seemingly unbeatable enemy. 

 luffy kid law vs kaido and big mom

This barrage of attacks was enough for Kaido to transform into his Dragon Zoan Form and be serious about the fighters of the worst generation. 

The Worst Generation 

With this chapter, Oda really showed the Worst Generation at their very best. Five out of the Twelve members of that title are currently facing off in the fated battle against two monstrous Yonkos. 

 kaido vs worst generation

The Throne Wars that Doflamingo foretold are coming out in full-swing and it’s sooner or later going to become an eventuality. 

The next few chapters after One Piece Chapter 1001 are going to be seriously important in the overall progression of events in the One Piece Universe

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