Red Haired Shanks met Gorosei to talk about Blackbeard. Here’s why!

Red Haired Shanks has always been considered an ally and a force for good. 

Until now…

Chapter 907 within the manga gave us a glimpse into a Shanks that was very different. 

When Shanks showed up at Mariejois, it was a different feeling altogether. 

His concern at the state of the world made fans sceptical and confused as to what his real intentions were. 

This led to the opening of a pandora’s box full of Shanks’ theories opening up.  

There are many of them to count from, and we would never know the direction in which Oda will take Shanks. 

Now there are theories upon theories, that’s already been discussed. 

But which one’s are the most accurate, you might ask? 

In this post, I have one Shanks theory that might explain why he went to Mariejois to warn the elders of the “certain pirate”.

Red Haired Shanks’ Obsession with Blackbeard 

Ever since One Piece started gaining steam, we’ve seen Shanks being super concerned about BlackBeard, aka Marshall D. Teach. 

Speaking from the past, we know that both these characters had major beef with one another. 

It was such a scarring experience for Shanks that when Whitebeard went after Blackbeard for the murder of Thatch, he was concerned about what might happen. 

Being a Yonko himself, he went to the Moby Dick, the ship of Whitebeard, to talk to him personally. 

He asks him to leave Blackbeard alone, otherwise, there will be dire consequences. 


At the time, Whitebeard just laughs at Shanks telling him that he’s a kid who doesn’t know anything at all. You know, the boomer stuff. 

What happens next is etched into the memories of every single One Piece fan. 

The Marineford incident showcased the demise of not only Portgas D. Ace, but the entire influence of Whitebeard as a Yonko. 

All of this occurred because Ace wasn’t stopped by Whitebeard when the need arose. While there was some reluctance to let Ace go, it was too late to stop the hot-blooded Ace from going after someone like Blackbeard. 

At Marineford, we saw what happened to the Whitebeard pirates when they did not heed Shanks’ advice.

This brings me to the panel showing the events of Chapter 907.

Who is the “certain pirate” in this entire panel? 

It’s a high probability that it’s none other than Blackbeard. 

I personally feel that Shanks went to Mariejois out of desperation. 

He went there knowing something about Blackbeard that no one else does. Who knows? He might know about Blackbeard’s version of the “Will of D.” 

Yes, if you remember correctly, Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach) is also from the D. clan in One Piece. 

Shanks has been with the most notorious D. ever. You can imagine the number of things he might know about the Will of D. that Xebec and Blackbeard take with each of them. 

Because of this, Shanks went to the highest order in the world; the Gorosei, to discuss the impending threat of the pirate. 

Perhaps he wanted to enter into some sort of alliance (something like Roger and Garp at God Valley) to stop Blackbeard. 

This alliance might not be as far fetched as you might think. In fact, it’s not a stretch since we still don’t know why Roger and Garp teamed up to protect the World Nobles. 

Last I saw, the Nobles were quite evil in their outlook of the world!

Maybe there is a dedicated time and place for the hidden history of the world to unfold and Shanks is just waiting for the right time. 

I personally feel that this is the reason why Monkey D. Dragon and the revolutionary army selected the reverie out of all times to launch a major counterattack against the world nobles. 

Why is Shanks Worried About Blackbeard? 

Besides the current state of the world, Red-Haired Shanks has a personal grudge against Blackbeard. 

Why? Because one time in the past Shanks duelled with Blackbeard. 

The duel might not have turned out to be such a “noble” one since we know that Blackbeard has a tendency to play dirty when it suits his agenda. 

More importantly, that battle left him with a scar. A scar that throbs whenever he sees Blackbeard. 

Red Haired Shanks

Even Blackbeard jokes around with Shanks saying “that scar suits you nicely!”

It kinda does suit him, but what’s more important is that this might have opened up Shanks to realize the cunning and deceitful nature of Blackbeard and how he is a major threat to the world order. 

Besides this reason, Shanks might have gone to the Gorosei to maintain the status quo, as I discuss in another theory.