Six of the Best Roronoa Zoro Moments

Revisit six of the best Roronoa Zoro moments in One Piece!

If we were to go back in time and remove Roronoa Zoro from the One-Piece storyline, it would become really stale. 

Zoro has been there since the beginning. 

Over the years, his influence in the storyline seems to only grow. 

Seeing as how Wano is getting charged up, we felt that it’s time to revisit some of the best Roronoa Zoro moments.

Let’s start with a fan favorite, shall we? 

#1. The Iconic “Nothing Happened” Moment 

Roronoa Zoro moment #1: The nothing happened moment.

It was the last segment of the Thriller Bark arc. Gekko Moriah was a done-deal but the threat of Bartholomew Kuma was ever present. 

While we perceived it as a threat, viewers didn’t know what monstrosity lay before the Straw Hats. 

The Straw Hats were, as it seemed, a done deal. It seemed as though everything was over. Then came Roronoa Zoro. 

Ready to sacrifice himself for Luffy, he got inside Kuma’s bubble and took in Luffy’s pain. Zoro made a wager with Kuma that almost took his own life.

Kuma left; keeping his promise not to kill Luffy, letting Zoro take his damage. 

The next morning, we see things turning back to normal. 

Sanji, amidst the scuffle, is seen searching for Zoro. 

When he finally finds him, he’s standing tall even though he’s taken all that damage. It’s similar to the moment we saw Whitebeard standing tall after his death. 

Sanji, troubled, asks Zoro, “What the hell happened”? In the most Zoro-like fashion, he says: 

“Nothing! Nothing at all!” 

The “Luffy’s Fierce Attack” soundtrack playing the background made the whole scene just so much better! 

#2. Baratie Arc and Getting Defeated by Mihawk

Crying Roronoa Zoro defeated by Mihawk

This is the moment when Zoro understood his role as the first mate of the Straw Hat pirates. 

After facing an honorable defeat from Mihawk’s iconic blade, we see Zoro lying on the ground having been defeated. 

Upon the realization of where he stood in the world of swordsmen, Zoro valiantly raises his sword and cries:  

“I will…I will never LOSE AGAIN! Until I defeat him and become the greatest swordsman I’ll never be defeated anymore! Any problems with that. Pirate King?”

While it was still early, it was an epic moment of realization for Zoro and showed just how much he has to be there for Luffy as a first mate. 

In the events that followed, Zoro stood fast in his commitment to Luffy. 

#3. Ennies Lobby: The Case for Usopp 

Roronoa Zoro moment when confronts Luffy over going to Usopp

This is, by-far, the most favorite Roronoa Zoro moment. 

So, let’s build up to it. 

The biggest turn of events came at Water 7.

Usopp decided to part with the crew because they were going to abandon Going Merry during the Water 7 arc. 

We all have an emotional connection with Merry, but the ship wasn’t built to stand the seas anymore. 

Angered, Usopp challenged Luffy in what would become one of the most emotional fights in One Piece history. 

The post-Ennies Lobby arc saw Usopp returning to the Straw Hat Pirates and Luffy eagerly going to welcome him back to the crew. 

Zoro was going to have none of that! He stopped Luffy’s little excitement monologue and told him that it was Usopp’s job to apologize to the Captain himself if he wanted to come back to the crew. 

Usopp left on his own accord and ego, and Luffy welcoming him back would just inflate his ego even further. 

If that wasn’t enough, he threatened to quit the crew if Luffy pulls such a stupid move. 

#4. The Punk Hazard “Get a Grip” Moment 

Roronoa Zoro angry at Luffy on losing to Caesar Clown

At Punk Hazard, this was the moment which turned the tide for Luffy. 

Seriously, imagine training for two years, and the first moment of uncertainty, your captain gets owned by a poison-logia user. 

Most of us imagined Luffy to be a serious monster when push came to shove. At Punk Hazard, our expectations were bottled down. 

It was Zoro who put Luffy back in the right mindset. Angered at how badly Caesar Clown took him down, he shouted one of his most iconic shouts: 

“Oi Luffy! Get a grip. This is the new world!” 

It implied that Luffy has to straighten up in this unexpected world. If they don’t, it could lead to a repeat of the events that took place during the Sabaody Arc

Being the captain, Luffy understood what Zoro was implying and took control afterwards. In the events that followed, we have hardly seen Luffy lose a match. 

#5. An Unexpected Moment: Roronoa Zoro Arrives First and Arrives in Style 

Roronoa Zoro arrives first on Sabaody

The biggest character flaw shown in Roronoa Zoro is his lack of direction along with some general laziness. 

But those personality flaws play second fiddle in his dedication to Luffy’s orders. 

The 3D2Y Luffy displayed at Marineford was seen by all the members of the Straw Hat. However, it was Zoro that answered the call and, disregarding his sense of direction, arrived at Sabaody before anyone else. 

Not only that, when he did arrive, he arrived in style. 

He showed off his new skills by slicing a galleon ship in two. 

He came before anyone else, and came in style. That’s an uncharacteristic Roronoa Zoro moment the likes of which we’ve never seen!  

#6: Reunion at Wano 

Zoro meets Luffy at Wano after a long time.

Luffy and Zoro have been together since the very beginning. 

They have fought together (once with each other) against the most fearsome monsters on the high seas. 

Essentially, they’re brothers. 

But seldom have we seen a display of affection between the two. 

At Wano, we saw that happen. 

After the events of Zou, the Straw Hats divided themselves into two groups. 

One went to Whole Cake Island and the other went to the Land of Wano. 

Luffy was in the former while Zoro was in the latter. 

After having been apart for so long, Luffy meets Zoro at Wano. 

We honestly thought that Zoro would just stand there like a log seeing Luffy come to him. 

The opposite happened. 

Zoro was ecstatic seeing Luffy and when he jumped towards Zoro, they came in for a brotherly hug. 

It was one of the most heart melting moments I’ve ever seen, and proved how much the founding members of the SHP love each other! 


We hope you like these five interesting Roronoa Zoro moments.

Zoro has been the prime favorite of every One Piece fanatic and while he does have his quirks, he’s been the most consistent fighter in the One Piece Universe

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