[Theory] Shanks, The Gorosei, and His Role in One Piece

Shanks is one of the most beloved characters of One Piece fans and it has been like that since the beginning of series.

Apart from Luffy’s world, Shanks’ role in the Marineford and overall world events is one we have to look at with a keen eye.

From warning Whitebeard about the threat that was (and is) Marshall D. Teach, to apparently saving the Whitebeard Pirates from utter annihilation – he has witnessed all the major events in the One Piece world.

But one event, in particular, took his positive image among the eyes of fans and turned it into one of skepticism. That event took place in  Chapter 906, or Episode 887 of the One Piece manga/anime when Shanks visited the Gorosei’s office in Mariejois unannounced telling them that he wanted to talk about “a certain pirate”.

This chapter was a real paradigm shift for me because the moment I had read it, I went to the One Piece Sub-Reddit and saw the fandom going crazy like never before.

There were plenty of good theories and several bad ones.

But the one thing I, and many others like myself were sure of was that Shanks’ true purpose in One Piece just became a whole lot different.

Because of this, I believe we discuss an outlandish theory about Shanks and try to figure out what his ambitions actually are.

The “Good” Shanks Who Visited the Gorosei

So, ever since Whitebeard died, the new world has certainly been intense. One of the most intense characters in that world being Yonko Blackbeard.Blackbeard with two devil fruits

Blackbeard has certainly solidified his position as a Yonko. Moreover, he is the only person in the OP world to become a dual Devil Fruit user.

Now, being a sworn enemy of Shanks, and the man who gave him his iconic scar, Blackbeard could be the “certain pirate” that he wanted to talk about.

I am basing this theory due to Blackbeard’s destructive streaks, and the subtle homage he paid towards Rocks D. Xebec of the infamous Rocks Pirates by naming his ship the Saber of Xebec.

Because of the domino effect that Blackbeard managed to cause 2 years prior, Shanks is playing peacemaker once again by giving the Gorosei a warning about BB’s actions as a Yonko.

I think Blackbeard is trying to orchestrate an event of the same magnitude as the God Valley Incident by trying to emulate the ways of Rocks D. Xebec. Shanks, on the other hand, is trying to recreate the same partnership that Roger had with the Marines during the same incident in order to stop a huge calamity from happening.

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The Shanks That Made Fans Skeptical

Counting all his experiences as a pirate, Shanks is no stranger to the power of the D. clan. He worked under one and motivated another young member to become a pirate.

After the Roger Pirates disbanded, Shanks had a fair understanding of how the world works. To gain influence or to further plans of his own, he sided with the World Government to maintain the status quo of the world order.

Just look at Marineford. Because of his actions, even at the cost of Whitebeard, the world was able to move on after the war in the same way it had before. Though heroic at first sight, it does make one wonder about the fight that took place between Kaido and Shanks before Marineford.

Now, there are some theories about Kaido coming back to help Whitebeard since, as we have seen in his interaction with Big Mom, underneath the enmity, there is a certain camaraderie between the two giants.

The same could be the case with Whitebeard. Upon knowing that Whitebeard was taking such a huge step, he could have been eager to provide support to Whitebeard.

Even if this is a bit outlandish, and even if Kaido was after Whitebeard’s head that day, Shanks was nevertheless able to maintain the power of the Marines and the World Government.

His deep-seated connections with the Gorosei, who in turn, answer to Im-Sama, the apparent “final boss” of One Piece is disturbing, to say the least.

Even if he is carrying out the will of Roger, and trying to make way for Luffy to finish his journey, his connections are deeply disconcerting.


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